Fender Jimi Hendrix Strat Olympic White. Honoring the electrifying "Voodoo Chile" who popularized the Stratocaster guitar and its tremendous sonic flexibility, the Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster gives you the same fiery tone and playing feel to wield as your own. The Guitar does appear to be strung upside down. American Vintage II Series New! tell your friend that this is not Jimi's guitar ? The 1959 Martin D-18E acoustic guitar, which Kurt Cobain wore during Nirvanas MTV Unplugged performance, has the most expensive price tag ever sold at auction. The Monterey Pop Festival was a watershed moment in rock history in 1967, when Jimi Hendrix set his guitar on fire to protest what was perceived as unjust treatment of blacks. 10. Purchased at Manny's Music in NYC in '68, this guitar (Serial Number 240981) was slightly modified to reflect Hendrix . It features an iconic reverse headstock, which impacts the sustain of the guitar. Since Monikas death, her estate has been given possession of the strat she kept in her possession. This guitar was widely used throughout 1969 and, until Jimis death, 1970 as well. Springsteen played this bass on the songs "Spirit, 1961 FENDER STRATOCASTER 'CONTOUR BODY' ELECTRIC GUITAR, #59802, 1961, L 39":1961 Fender Stratocaster 'Contour Body' electric guitar, #59802 (1961), Sunburst solid body with three pick-ups and vibrato. do you think this serial is correct? Cheers. GroundGuitar counts on your criticism and feedback. Anyways, I added a section about the guitar being cleaned, and pointed out the possibility that this was just a dirt mark. The 60s were a pivotal period in Hendrixs career, and his performance at Woodstock 69 is widely regarded as one of the greatest live performances in history. Image: James Andanson / Sygma via Getty Images. Meaning theyre not the same. And it should fetch anything up to USD$3Million plus. Jimi at 80: Born in Seattle on November 27, 1942, Jimi Hendrix would have celebrated his 80th birthday this week. One of his first Stratocasters, Hendrix played this guitar when he visited Juggy Sound studios in New York, where he worked in 1965 after parting ways with Little Richard. Danni Stefanetti chose the guitar instead of ballet or did it choose her. The story told by Mr. Neil Kanoff and his letter referencing Skip Juried and Henry Juggy Murray and the chain of ownership of the guitar all check out. $999.00 + $59.83 shipping . However, the strap would have to go past the neck to reach the existing horn connection. Warm Audio Centavo review a faithful Klone that you wont mind gigging, To people who like pop music, it sounds harsh, but to me our songs are pure melody how Fucked Ups hooks set them apart from the hardcore crowd. In 1965 Jimi Hendrix was then known as Jimmy James, he recorded frequently with Henry "Juggy" Murray. Visiting the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle is well worth the trip, as it houses the iconic white Stratocaster Jimi Hendrix used at Woodstock. The guitar, which was priced at $25, was sold for $77,000 in 2001. Learn more Shop Sweetwater Sound on eBay 99.5% Positive feedback Save this seller Roger Mayer did some work on the strat, which Jimi had battered and bruised, in addition to his energetic stagecraft. threw it into the crowd and it had a poem on the back, and like someone said further up, wheres the screw whole??? Affiliate Notice: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Wild thing you're blind! It was completely cleaned. Displays are assembled AFTER payment is received, picture is a mock up of f, Squier Stratocaster Jimi Hendrix style strat guitar With Seymour Dunkcan Pickups missing parts Please view all photos as they are part of the description and condition of this Item, Feel free to conta, Noel Redding Signed Fender Precision Bass Noel Redding, accomplished bass player for the Jimi Hendrix Experience, inscribed this instrument "To the Sunshine - Noel Redding '94." More information about formatting options. Fender Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster Signature Electric Guitar 3-Tone Sunburst . Dweezle Zappa has the original Monterey Pop stratocaster of Jimi Hendrix. Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, paid $2 million for the guitar in question. The 1965 Stratocaster was apparently soaked in lighter fuel, and the resulting meter-high flames landed Hendrix in the hospital with burns on both hands. Posted by bitch on Sun, 06/10/2007 - 21:41. Whether you're a beginner, or a more experienced player looking for a budget option to play around the campfire, you'll find just what you need in this guide. The worlds leading authority and resource for all things guitar. Come with fully documentation, Custom display case and Picture of Jimi playing the guitar. It has been revealed that Hendrix was a fan of this guitar during the time he died. It was weird to realize that the last person to do this might well have been Hendrix himself, as there are well-known photos of him doing it backstage before a gig. Very nice Guitar-Plays . Posted by Billy JEan on Sun, 06/26/2011 - 21:28. Hi Aaron. Wouldve died to see it. How did he attach the strap? The museum was established by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who bought the white '68 Strat that Jimi played at Woodstock and other later-period gigs. The mark on the strat is from dirt on his finger tips as you will notice his hands strumming position and with a little research you can see in photos he clearly drops his fingers over that area when strumming all the time. To cut the long story short, from late 1968 to Jimi's last gig in September 1970 it was either this black Stratocaster or a different white one - aside from a few occasions when he picked up a Gibson. Damn wish i could buy it, Strats from that era are great! Copyright 1999 - 2023 , All Rights Reserved. The Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face is the most well-known example of Hendrixs influence. So when Jimi used them they may have been wiped down say as the strings got changed but not to any great extent so that would also mean nobody else was really going over the guitars too much and maybe thats why so little details are known. Taking a breather from the Les Pauls in Matthieu Lucas collection, we study a 1963 Fender Stratocaster, instead. and you will see. I'm willing to bet it sounds really nice if it was from the first recording sessions of his Jimi Hendrix Experience days it would probably bring $350K plus, maybe $500K or more - of you could buy the MONTEREY Pop Festival one from Zappa for $1,000,000 it has 1967 pickups after being rebuilt (after the fire). He has kept it in its burnt discolouring. Dan. - Neck pickup reads 6.57 ohms - Middle pickup reads 5.86 ohms - Bridge pickup reads 5.68 ohms - Nut width is 1 5/8 of an inch - Weight is 7.6 lbs Product Specs Buying Guide Upon seeing this guitar my immediate thoughts were that it was almost identical to other known Jimi Hendrix guitars serial number 2573254 1963 white Fender Strat and serial number L89024 1965 White Fender Stratocaster. Honoring the electrifying "Voodoo Chile" who popularized the Stratocaster guitar and its tremendous sonic flexibility, the Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster gives you the same fiery tone and playing feel to wield as your own. Isnt hindsight a wonderful thing? Posted by thyu gabi on Mon, 11/12/2007 - 06:02. Ok. Based on tons research I have done on Jimi Hendrix, I am going to have to say that Jimi never owned nor played this intrument. Without documentation this guitar is woth what a '63 strat would be worth. Jimi Hendrixs Iconic Performance Of The Star-Spangled Banner At Woodstock, The Last Performance Of A Legend: Jimi Hendrix At The Isle Of Fehmarn Festival, Shows to watch if you liked WEDNESDAY on Netflix, Marilyn Manson Arrested For Domestic Violence, Marilyn Manson: A Controversial Figure In The Music World, The Doors Jim Morrison: The Sex Symbol With The Curly Hair, Marilyn Manson To Guest Star On WGN Americas Salem. http://www.rockmine.com/Jimi4.html. If lets say Jimi used the scratched Strat on one date, than picked up the Woodstock Strat, and then went back to the scratched one again, that would give some weight to the theory that they were separate guitars. Do not include any spaces in your answer. Still other mysteries exist and why with this famous of an artist was nothing documented properly other that the few serial numbers that exist. When Hendrix arrived in London in 1966, he met his new manager, Chas Chandler. Hendrix used the Stratocaster on many of his most famous recordings, including Purple Haze, Fire, and The Wind Cries Mary. In 1970, just two years before his death, Hendrix gave the guitar to his friend Billy Cox. Jnr at Juggy's studios in New York City. Noel Redding, a bassist, and Mitchell, a drummer, were tapped by Chandler to play with Hendrix. Enjoy. The only guitar tossed into the Woodstock audience was Pete Townsends 1968 cherry SG which was recovered by a crew member almost immediately afterward. Today they alone would probably be worth 50,000 (with Jimis DNA all over them)! 2 w/, Sealed Jimi Hendrix Anthology Vinyl Set - Deluxe 8 LP Box Set Traces Hendrix, Rare Music Jimi Hendrix Card Rock Cantanti Retro, Jimi Hendrix Are You Experienced Framed Replica Signature Gold LP Record Display M4, Jimi Hendrix Colored Floral Jacket Wall Art Print, Nastya Rovenskaya- Mixed Media "Jimi Hendrix", Jimi Hendrix Poster Fillmore East New Orig Image + Sketch Signed David Byrd, Vintage 1997 Jimi Hendrix Crying Blue Rain Tie Dye Shirt, Jimi Hendrix - Limited Edition 1/25 by Leonid Afremov, Jimi Hendrix Purple Hand embellished canvas by David Lloyd Glover, Jimi Hendrix Mixed media original on canvas by David Lloyd Glover Jimi Hendrix, Mixed media original on canvas by David Lloyd Glover Jimi Hendrix Monterey Pop Festival, Vintage 1990s Jimi Hendrix Experience Tie Dye Shirt, 1997 Fender Stratocaster Jimi Hendrix Body, Jimi Hendrix Autographed Fender Guitar Strap, Squier Strat Jimi Hendrix style strat guitar, Noel Redding Signed Fender Precision Bass, *Sold Out* JIMI HENDRIX x KNUCKLEBONZ Rock Iconz 9", VINTAGE POSTER JIMI HENDRIX BY BRADFORD SALAMON, Jimi Hendrix/David Gilmour Repro. My final opinion is that this guitar did belong to Jimi Hendrix. I've heard jimmy was a computer model and not a real person, and the music was generated by computer too. 7. Is it possible there is a hole at the base of the neck where the strap was attached? Frank nodded, it belonged to a good friend of mine. It was a tidy sum but still far less than the $1.8 million fetched for Hendrix's Woodstock Strat. Its too bad they did not take (or atleast publish) any photos of the guitar when they inspected it, and prior to the cleaning. 1965/66 Fender Catalogue: Thanks once again to the hugely well-researched Vintage Guitar and Bass for these shots of the 1965/66 Fender catalogue - the description for the Stratocaster's on page 4: "Perfection in a . This guitar comes with a notarized letter from Leon Hendrix stating that he is certain that this guitar L14985 belonged to his brother. Answer (1 of 5): Most of his iconic guitars are accounted for. You state with certainty that the guitar is "fake" but provide no facts. i love to see strat with spaghetti decals.. it looks cool!! She ships with the case candy shown and in its OHSC. The wood grain does seem to match quite well, meaning that the EMP Strat is likely the real deal.. For players more fixated on tone than visual authenticity, the Hendrix Strat design is a great compromise. Just a bit on the subject of the legitimacy of the guitar currently held at MoPoP anote from a different auction of one of Jimis guitars reads that two guitars were found in the Electric Lady studios by Jimis management around the time of his death a sunburst Stratocaster that was the subject of the auction, and a white maple Stratocaster with the serial number240981 (same as the EMP Strat) [Jimi Hendrix Rock and Pop Memorabilia Christies]. Corbin from IconicAxes has done a great job of telling the story behind the auction of this guitar. Posted by The Axis on Mon, 12/17/2007 - 05:06. Posted by cpubound on Thu, 06/07/2007 - 23:12. GroundGuitar is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. and/or, the sale of, Until the last concert, which The Experience performed together, the guitar was used all over the stage. The last guitar shown, which was given to Mitch Mitchell, has obviously been tampered with. He began his career as a radio talk show host, and he went on to a successful career as a TV news anchor. Paul Allen donated $2 million to have it installed at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, which is also the hometown of Jimi Hendrix. Jimi Hendrix classic 1968 Olympic white Fender Stratocaster was sold to Paul Allen in the 1990s and is now in the Experience Music Project . Sorry for the Typo in Jimi's last name. Fender Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster gives you the same fiery tone and playing feel to wield as your own. i thot that the only thing the report said is that hey recorded with the strat. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. The guitar Jimi Hendrix played in the early 1960s sold at auction for $216,000, according to the auction house. Hendrix expertly played Izabella his 1968 Olympic White Stratocaster free-form style, . Posted by jimifanforlife on Sat, 04/12/2008 - 05:39. It had the telltale scuff marks of the rough-riffing left hander, as well as historic photos, documents, and a serial number. They clearly went to a lot of trouble to build it with the exact buckle marks on the back, missing back plate etc. We love Jimi - Just look at our shop name! This is clear in an early photo of Jimi Hendrix playing with Wilson Pickett, this photo is easily found on the internet and shows Jimi playing a fender Jazzmaster with the strap clearly hooked to the button that is now on the bottom of the guitar since Jimi has flipped the guitar upside down to play. The neck had been broken again after it dropped out of a vehicle. The guitar wassold once again after only two years toPaul Allen, Microsoft co-founder for an undisclosed amount. http://cgi.liveauctions.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=52935&item=140120649132, 100 year old Salvador Ibanez Guitar found amidst trash, http://www.flickr.com/photos/bpfallon/4304026975/, Allowed HTML tags:

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